Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Beach Trip

For those of you who do not get our pictures via email, here are the pictures from our beach trip. We had a lot of fun and we a really glad we got to go. I of course pushed myself for 48 hours and then broke down. Hey it is me and that is what I do! I rest for a couple days and then think I am ok. Then I push myself for a few days and start the vicious cycle again. It was worth every minute of it though. Jackson had so much fun and that is what matters. We also had a really good time with Greg’s family! Today I made a commitment to myself to really take it easy for the next two weeks

Friday, June 27, 2008


My fetal fibronectin test came back negative so there is less than 1% chance I will have this baby in the next two weeks. YAY we are off to the beach!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nothing new really

I just got back from the Dr. The head has dropped down even more, but no more dilation. That is good news! She kept me hooked up to the monitors for 40 minutes and I only had two contractions (also good). She did the test of my cervical secretion again to see if I am at risk for delivering in the next two weeks because of the position of the baby. As long as it comes back negative we still have a clear to go to the beach and I won't go back until the 7th to see her fill in. My Dr leaves tomorrow for Greece for two weeks so I am under strict orders to not let anything happen until she comes back. She also gave me a muscle relaxer to help with the pain. I feel so much pressure I think if I sneeze she will fall out!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


We went to the mall with our friends Brandi and Abby. Abby and Jackson had the best time playing in the play area. They held hands and I heard her ask Jackson do you like my shirt and he said yeah. It was so dang cute!

Monday, June 23, 2008

My Baby

I had to post this. He simply melts my heart. It is so hard to even think that I could love anyone as much as him, how I will have room in my heart for anything more, and how I will be more than just his Mommy.

Maternity Shots

One of my girl friends took some shots for me. She says she is still practicing, but these look pretty awesome to me! Check her out

Friday, June 20, 2008

Back to the Dr today...

Today was a quick visit with my Dr. I am happy to say that I have not had much more dilation. She said I am barely over 1 cm. She said her head is already down really low in my pelvis so I have to continue to take it easy and off my feet. She said the best thing for me is sitting in a pool to get some of the pressure off. So that is what I did all morning with Greg’s sister, cousin, her daughter. It is a much better way to spend the day than sitting in the house. We all had fun! She said to keep myself busy, but use good judgment (sit as much as possible). She did say to go have a pedicure, have my husband push me in a wheel chair at the mall (yeah right), and go visit friends! She even said we could go to Surf Side next week end as long as I stay hydrated and off my feet! I asked if I could get any kind of exercise and her answer was a big huge NO :(. I have another appointment Thursday so until then that is all my news!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Special Day with Special Friends!

I am blessed to have special friends. Today two of my girl friends gave me a shower. There were ten girls there to shower me and little Ava. I got some beautiful treasures, ate great food, had a beautiful cake, and great company! I am so lucky to have great Mommy friends in Katy!

Monday, June 16, 2008


I just got back from the hospital and I am on modified bed rest. Basically I have to stay off my feet as much as possible. I can go visit friends, but must visit there coach. I am dilated over 1 cm and having contractions. I had to get some steroid shot to help the baby's lung develop faster and go back to the hospital tomorrow for another dose. My Dr was already at the hospital so I got to see her and will see her in her office Friday. According to her our goal is for me to make it to 35 weeks.

30 weeks!

I feel like Ava has dropped! Check out my 7 and a half month photo. I am getting pretty big and Jackson has been calling me Big Booty courtesy of his Father. It is pretty funny, but Greg and I have a sick since of humor when it comes to picking on each other about weight. I know I have done much better this time so I just laugh (28 lbs so far). My Dr says I have to try and make it to 37 weeks for the health of the baby. That is when I had Jackson so I am trying to rest :).

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Today I want to tell you
that I love having you for a dad.
You make me laugh when you play with me
and even smile when I'm feeling sad.
So thank you for being my daddy and,
for all the things you do,
I’ll give you hugs and kisses
with love from me to you!
Happy Father's Day Daddy!

We love you!
Amber and Jackson 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Father's Day!

We are so excited to spend the whole week end at HOME with Daddy!! My Mom and Papa are coming to dinner with us tonight and the rest of the week end we are going to be pool side or grilling. Should be very relaxing for all of us who have been going non stop. I love Mother's Day and Father's Day. It makes you stop and remember how lucky we are to be parents and have created our own family.

For our special Daddy

I love someone dearly.
He's kind as can be;
He makes me so happy;
He's my dad, you see.

He takes me out fishing;
We play ball and swim;
He knows about everything;
I'm so proud of him.

And as I get bigger,
I just want to grow
To be like my daddy,'
Cause I love him so

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Auntie and Uncle are going home

We had some fun time this week with Auntie and Uncle. Jackson adores them and probably because they spoil him rotten and give him a lot of one on one time. I think he will be in for a real shock when the new babies come along. We had a fun day at Cinco Ranch Beach Club. Here are some pictures.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Baby update

Today I had a check up with my Dr at 8:30 am. I had to ask Greg to stay home with Jackson. I barely had the energy to get there much less with Jackson is tow. Plus I had to get us few groceries after. The last two days I noticed some sporadic contractions, but I know and we all know I am doing too much. I just can’t ever find the time to sit down during the day or get rest at night. The 8 hours I am in bed I have to get up every two hours to go to the bathroom. Anyway today when my Dr asked how I was I just started to cry and I am not sure why. Maybe because she is the first person to ask and I just wanted to hug her and tell her thank you for asking. I think I have been trying to be super Mom and now it is expected of me. She checked my cervix and I am already a half to a full centimeter dilated. She explained to me that it is way too early for my cervix to be doing this. I have to try and stay off my feet as much as possible, only do low impact exercise no more than three times a week, and wear some belt to help get some of the pressure off my cervix so it does not dilate any more. She will check me again in two weeks and decide if more limitations are needed. The only other thing is if I have more than four contractions in an hour I have to go to the hospital to get some meds to stop them. I think Jackson is exhausted too. He is down for a morning nap which is something that never happens. I better run so I can get some cleaning done while he is sleeping and try and get a little time off my feet. Keep us in your prayers, this baby girl needs to stay in at least 8 more weeks!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby Shower

What a week! It started off with getting a day to Me Monday. I went and got my hair done and had lunch with some very special girl friends I used to work with. They of course showered me with gifts for baby Ava since they could not make the shower. Every other day we had so many things going on with Jackson. I know I keep saying this, but I must slow down! Saturday was the shower my Mom and sister gave me. It was mostly family, a few family friends, and three great girl friends. It was more than perfect! We got so many beautiful things, got to visit, and ate way to much cake! Sunday my sister and I woke up at 5:30 and drove down to Louisiana to see my Grandma. I think I still had high hopes we would get there and she would be the same old Grandma. Her left side of her face has clearly been affected by her stroke. She has been in the hospital 4 weeks and will go home Tuesday only with 24 hour at home care. Her attitude was very down and seemed like she does not have the energy to fight. I will keep praying for God’s will. No one should be miserable and she has been fighting for so long. Tiffany and I had to drive back yesterday. So in 12 hours with 7 of them driving we had a short visit. The good thing is I don’t think Grandma realized it was that short. I am so tired (mentally, physically, and emotionally). Today is a new day though and we have Kindermusik class and shopping with my Mom and sister. Tiffany will be here until Thursday so we must shop, then I will rest J.

Friday, June 6, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!!

My heart is over flowing with excitement! Today we found out my sister is having a baby GIRL!!! I am so happy for them! No one wants or deserves a baby as much as her. The best part is their baby and our sweet Ava will be three months apart. I hope they are as best of friends as we are!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Music Class

I thought I would do something fun with Jackson before the baby comes so I signed us up for two weeks of KinderMusik. The class is called Zoo train (right up his alley) and it is Wednesday/Friday this week and MWF next week for 45 minutes. After the first five minutes I wondered what the hell was I thinking?!?!? He was going out the door, down the hall, telling me no, you name it. Once things got started he shocked me. There were only three kids in the class praise GOD! One lady had to take her little girl out three times and the other little boy kept falling on the floor. I then thought to myself if we get nothing else out of this class I now know I am not alone! Well back to Jackson! He was really over all really good. He was the only one listening to Ms Gretchen and he copied everything she did (dancing, music instruments, singing, acting out animal noises, etc). He also let us all know when we switched to an activity he was not so into. It was great to watch him follow direction and pay attention so much to someone else (a complete stranger at that). I think it is going to be great and I hope we can continue something like this in the fall. It is a great way to get some structure into him, teach him how to follow direction, and use so many different motor skills. He loved the story at the end and sat almost in Ms Gretchen’s lap while she was readingJ. We got a copy of the CD and book so we can use them at home. He already has a favorite song and tries to sing along. I hope Friday is even better! When we got in the car he said, “Mommy fun friend’s music class”. That is priceless in my opinion!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ava Elizabeth

New pictures of Ava!

This past week has been so busy, but nothing too exciting. Today we went to have a 4D ultra sound done and YAY it is still a girl!! I swear Ava never sleeps and today she was asleep when we went. We did get some cute pictures though!