Wednesday, July 22, 2009


My very talented friend Cathy Noble took Ava's 1 year picture's. I have it down to 40 picture's, but I need to do another cut. If you have time to look please send me your top picks!! Thanks Mom and Dad for replying the first time, but if you have time to do it again please do. I promise you a picture in return!!
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Type in the password: ava1

Sunday, July 19, 2009

11 months

I can not believe I forgot. Life is so busy here!! Sweet Ava was 11 months on the 11th of July. I can not believe her first birthday is so close. She is the sweetest baby and you will fall in love as soon as she enters the room. I am afraid to say I think she is going to rule the house! She is quite spunky and let's you know when she wants something (which is 99% of the time food or a drink). She will also let Jackson know it is NOT ok to take things from her. I think she is going to be bossing him around very soon. She has two teeth on the bottom and you can really see them now. She is pulling up on every thing and walking down the coach, table, what ever she can find. I think she is really starting to look like Jackson.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Today our journey began

Today our journey began. It was Eliza, Tracie, and myself. We joined Katy Fit to prepare and train for a half marathon. I am having been trying to make my mind up if I realty want to do this. I started two weeks ago running after my regular classes at the Y. It has really become a part of routine and I like it. This morning was our first time to meet in Memorial Park to train. I was so nervous last night! I woke up at 6 am to start to get ready. I am so happy to have girl friends to do this with! I really think it will be so rewarding. This morning was unbelievably awesome!! We ran with the middle of the road group (not fast and not slow) 2miles in 21minutes. I found myself wanting to go faster and sweat more. It is so addicting, the sweat, the burn, the energy, the group, friends you run with, and I think this is for me!! So I came home thinking yes I will do this!! I had to pick a charity to run for and most of you know my Grandma recently passed away. I have been having a really hard time with her loss. I decided to run for the Alzheimer's Association in her honor. She had early stages of dementia which is like Alzheimer's and her sister in law (my Great Aunt) passed with the disease. What a great way to honor there memory. I need to raise $400 to run so if you are able to help any way I am reaching out to you for this wonderful charity. You can send money to
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If you prefer to mail it that is fine too. Thank you for helping me do this!


Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Ok so I am putting it out there, AHH this means I am really doing it! My friend Eliza and I are doing the half marathon through Katy Fit. I am really scared I will fail, but I have to at least try!! I started training last week and I went from not being able to run 5 mins to and easy 20 min constant run no problem! Each week we will build on top that. I already do 4 classes a week at the Y, but now I added 5 days of running to it. I really really really want to do this!! It is just going to be costly! I need two pair of shoes and I have to sign up for the event this week end. I need a sponsor lol!! So please hold me accountable!! Ask me daily, weekly how my running is going!