Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sitting up!!

This is the best picture I could get. The weather has really been getting to Ava! She has been all snotty the last couple days. She is however finally sitting up like a big girl. I also am 100% done nursing. I feel like I am saying good bye to her infancy which is hard, but a new season is beginning. This child is such a blessing and truly completes our family!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today Jackson had his 3 year check up. He is a healthy little boy, but the Dr still can strongly hear the heart murmur. For those who don’t know in October of 2007 we found out Jackson had a dip in one of his valves. It was not even a hole so they were 99% sure it would be all cleared up by now. My pediatrician was adamant I call the cardiologist before having his surgery on the 15th (tonsils out). I called and he is out of town, but she said they would work us in before the 15th. It makes me a little uneasy since everyone brushed it off and said it would be gone by now. So we wait and pray. Other than that and his tonsils he is a healthy growing boy. He amazes me with how smart he is. He can remember something so far back it will blow your mind. He wants a little dog so bad, but are house is at maximum capacity! Oh I almost forgot he also had a visit to the dentist today. They took him back by him self to do the cleaning and I was a bit worried, but he did great! Jackson can be a little shy and when I came back he was talking to the dental hygienist like they were long time pals. He is going through a big Spider Man phase and so he got to pick out a new one. This is HUGE since I am anti buying my kids toys (since they have so many). We went through his play room and picked out a whole trash bag of stuff to donate. Does it seem like with each kid you get more crap filling up your house?? I can not STAND clutter!

Ava Bear is getting so big. She still can’t sit up by herself lol and still has NO teeth. It makes me feel like she is still itty bitty so I don’t mind one bit! As of two weeks ago she is 100% on a bottle and as of one week ago taking half formula!! We will see how it goes, but my plan is to be 100% on formula by the end of the month of shortly after. I can see my waist line in my near future ;). She is babbling a lot which I love to hear. Jackson never ever did this. He had hearing loss so really did not make any sounds the first year. This week she started to have feelings. She is scared of the Jack in the box, loud noises, and if your tone is wrong. She is becoming a sensitive little girl, aww.

Jackson 3 year stats
Weight 34 pounds 75%
Height 39 inches 90%
BMI 15 (can you imagine a 15 BMI ha)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Break 2009

If anyone knows my husband you know he is such a grump about doing anything that involves traveling. We have talked about taking Jackson to Sea World for the last year, but when it came time he was not happy. He tried to talk me out of it, tried to put it off, and tried to use the card that I was trying to relive my child hood. One thing he is right about is I did not have many family vacations, but I will scrape together every last penny to make sure my kids do if need be. He could not say anything when I had over half the money saved for the trip. He was so glad we went! We all had such a great time. I am not kidding when I say Ava never once cried the whole time we were in San Antonio. Jackson was price less to see. His excitement made my heart full. Greg and I even really enjoyed it! I am so happy we are building special memories for our kids!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson Thomas!

Thank you for the best 3 years of my life! I love you more than you will ever know.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

More 7 months

7 months

I swear it feels like yesterday I was posting 6 months!! I blink and another month has gone by. We reached a major milestone today!! Ava basically weaned herself. She was less interested in nursing and was wanting more food. So today I stopped nursing. I am pumping and putting it in a bottle so NO formula yet. Still I feel like this is pretty big! I feel really at peace with it too. I have been stressing so much for the last three months over when would be the right time to stop. I stressed over nothing since she decided. I hope to keep her just on my milk for another month at least. Other than that I really don't have anything to exciting to tell. She is still the same happy baby!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

6 and half months

Ava is saying her first word (or so we like to think ;)). She is saying Dada!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We went to a Texas Children ENT today. He was highly recommended by my pediatrician. I felt good about him and he was very nice. I wanted a second opinion and if we need to do the surgery I want a Dr who does it at TCH. I feel better since they deal with kids all day. He said he most definitely needs this done. His tonsils are very large. He said this is most likely why he moves so much in his sleep, snores, pauses between breaths, and sleeps so much. He is not getting good sleep so he requires more of it. Anyway because of his age we will be spending the night at Texas Children Hospital. The surgery is scheduled for April 15th. Please say a little prayer for us!

Monday, March 2, 2009

It's a Texas thing Yall

Jackson had Rodeo day at school. How cute are they?? Jackson is growing up so fast it is making my head spin. It is truly making me see how precious each day is with my children. Being a Mom is the best thing ever, I was made for this! I wish I would have had my camera today as he read his baby sister a book, sniff!