Monday, August 31, 2009

2002 Greg and I met
2003 Greg and I started dating
2004 We got engaged
2005 We got married
2005 4 months after we married we got pregnant
2006 We had Jackson
2007 We got pregnant
2008 We had Ava
2010 We will have a new Baby Hamilton

I think I have been crying about 24 hours now. This was in No way our plan. I can not believe I am 6 weeks pregnant and had no idea until yesterday! I have been working out 8 hours a week. I really thought that was what got me off track. Yesterday morning I just wanted to rule it out 100%. I was beyond shocked. I am digging deep and trying to embrace God's plan for us. It is hard when his plan is different from yours. I have a lot of fears going into this, but I know he was not given us anything we can not handle (or maybe this is pay back). I kid kid!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Just like that.....

Greg and I were sitting in the living room talking while Jackson was in the bath. Just like that Ava took her first two steps! We practiced some more and she took 4!

August Update

I took Ava on her one year check up today. We decided to wait until school was back in and things calmed down at the Dr’s office. He said Ava looked great!! She got four shots and her blood drawn. While they were getting blood he got a little extra to do some milk allergy testing. Her eczema is back. We may need to go to a dermatologist, but for now we are managing it with a steroid cream. He said IF she were to continue to grow on the same track she would max 5’7. WHAT a relief lol! We certainly did not want her to be 6’4 like her Daddy!! He said her weight and height balance each other perfect. I was getting worried because the girl can put back the food. He said she will lose a lot when she gets more mobile as Jackson did. She is breaking 6 teeth on top and has two already on the bottom. She is talking so much, eating so much, and loves to dance. Every where we go people say she is going to be a dancer. She is full of energy and into everything and I mean everything. She has the exact opposite personality of Jackson (watch out world).

Jackson is a typical boy. He loves swim lessons and is a great swimmer. We decided to keep him in swim once a week year round since it is in doors. He enjoys it, it gives him such confidence, and it is a great for safety. We were at a friends pool a few weeks ago and looked away for a few seconds and when I looked back Jackson lost grip of the side of the pool. He was floating on his back waiting for me. He is also taking a Sports Skills Enchantment class at Little Gym this fall. He LOVES it! We will try team sports again next year at 4.5. We meet his new teacher next week and he is really looking forward to going back. He will no longer nap at school in the afternoon. He will take Spanish one day and Science another. Most of our friends are going three days a week, but I chose two days. I am just not ready for more and I don’t think he is either. He loves to watch movies and color. We think he has his first crush. He loves watching The Little Mermaid and always asks about Arial. He wants to meet her, have her come to his house, and thinks she is pretty. If you ask him about her he smiles real big and looks away. The other day when we checked the mail Highlights had sent us a sample magazine with stickers. He thought it was so cool he got something in the mail. He told me he knew who sent it. When I asked who, he replied Santa. I guess we know what Santa will send this year! He is quite the character. He has really mellowed out since having Ava. She is wild and takes everything out of every where. Jackson never likes a mess. He has to have everything in its perfect spot. This was a real issue for him as he only saw thing black or white. He could not move on until things were perfect. I have seen such an improvement in him.

Ava 1 year

22.5 pounds 75%
30.5 inches long 90%

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Come join me!

Quick running is going GREAT!! I still LOVE it and I am up to 3.5 miles. I have decided to do a 5K in October, November, and December to add to my training for the half marathon. I formed a team for The race for the Cure, but need some team mates! Please come run with me!

Dear Friends and Family,

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Thank you for your generosity. Imagine Life Without Breast Cancer.


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Bear

If you copy and paste the web address you can view all her pictures.

A year ago today we left the house at 5:00am to head to the hospital. I had been 4.5cms dilated for over 3 weeks. Ava arrived at 12:28 on her Daddy’s 30th birthday. I can hardly believe a year has gone by.
Ava is such a bundle of energy. She never stays in one spot and is always into something. You can bet 99% of the time she is into something she should not be in. She is pretty darn feisty as well. She lets you know when she wants something and when she doesn’t. She has no problem handling her own with Jackson. She is one tuff little girl. She has some spunk and can get a little attitude.
On the other hand she is SUCH a Mommy’s girl. She will snuggle up with me in a heart beat. She LOVES her blanket aka “night night” and flat will not sleep with out it. She scrunches up her nose and makes the cutest face. She will let anyone hold her and loves everyone that will give her attention. She loves to be the star of the show.
Ava’s current favorite thing is Little Gym. She point her toes, shake’s to the music (oh how she loves music), and loves the hand bells. She has just started standing for a few second on her own. She holds on and walks on anything and everything. We can see her two top teeth breaking the skin. She still only has her two bottom teeth. She is starting to talk up a storm (Mama, Dada, buba, night night, hi, Daddy, pat pat, baba).
Ava has been such a blessing to our family. As I right this the night before her birthday, I remember writing one year ago how I was filled with guilt. I wondered how I would ever love someone as much as Jackson and how I would divide myself. Everything just fell into place. She completes us, we all adore her, and I feel like my heart is over flowing.

Happy Birthday my sweet angel!


A daughter is a day brightener and a heart warmer. ~Author Unknown