Sunday, December 6, 2009

5 months

Where to begin! Things have been so crazy here!! I guess it started the day before Thanksgiving; I started having all my wonderful Crohn’s symptoms again. As it continued I decided Monday after thanksgiving to try and get into a Dr. My OB really wanted me to see a GI Dr and so off I went on Tuesday. Well he was a complete jerk. If you have not heard this story, sorry I can not bring myself to go back to it. It upset me so bad! Basically he told me I was high risk, at risk for miscarriage and I was beyond his practice, and I needed to go some where else. That was after he told me I should have been treated before I thought of getting pregnant. Need less to say I walked out with my mouth on the floor and got to my car and cried. I was so shaken. My OB’s office was appalled and again went over and beyond to help me. They spent all day finding a GI Dr to treat me. My OB saw me Wed and apologized over and over for what I was going through. They got me in with some one Thursday and he was great. He assured me there is not any thing that connects Crohn’s to miscarriage! The only concern at this point is I am again not getting enough nutrition, the baby could be under weight/malnutrition, and it could increase my chance for pre term labor. So he put me back on the steroids this time for 3 months. It has been a hell of a few days as they are not working yet. I know they will so I am looking forward to feeling better. This time he put me on another drug with them. It will help my Crohn’s stay in remission once we get this flare up under control. So I am on a ton of drug for the next 3 months (4 steroids, 8 pentasa, zofran, and progesterone shots). I also am starting progesterone shots this week. I will get them weekly in hopes to avoid pre term labor. Since I started dilating so early with Ava and the other risk of pre term labor my Dr is not taking any chances. I assure you I can not end up on bed rest again this time! These last few months have been a true test of faith. I could not have made it with out it and the help of Greg’s Mom this last week. She came out three days in a row so I could go to three Dr’s appointments (THANK YOU). This week we go back to the high risk Dr for another level two ultra sound. They will check again to see if Lily has any markers for Down’s. I will also see my OB again as he is seeing me every week or every other. Please continue to pray for us as I believe they are what carry us through.