Tuesday, August 24, 2010

One more time


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Ava is 2

Two years old!! I can not believe we brought this baby girl home 2 yrs ago. It has gone way too fast! She is a pistol, our little ball of fire, and tough as nails. She is so smart! She can count to 10, say her ABC'S, and speak in 4-5 word sentences. We are on day 5 of potty raining with no accidents. Ava will start pre school two days a week the first week of Sept. We will never ever have to worry about her being the left out middle child. She is the center of attention at all times and she makes sure of it!
Ava 2yr Stats
28. 12 lbs 75%
36 inches 97%

4 months

Aug 8th Lily Grace turned 4 months old. I remember when I had Jackson I could not wait to get to the next mild stone. I was making sure he was holding his head up, rolling over, eating solids right at 4 months, I couldn't wait for him to crawl, walk, then talk. I was in such a hurry. Now sweet Lily Grace I would to savor every minute of every thing. I want to keep her in the moment and just enjoy where we are today.

4 month Stats
16.9 lbs
26.5 inches

13.4 lbs
25 1/4 inches

Lily Grace
12.12 lbs (25%)
24.5 inches (50%)

This past month
Lily had her first pumped bottle (3 total so far)
smile's all the time
LOVE'S to beheld
starting to try and hold her head up
trying to roll from tummy to back
still wearing 0-3 month clothes

Friday, August 20, 2010

Half way

I am about half way there in my fund raising!! Thank you Dad, Suzie, and 5 great friends!