Friday, September 26, 2008

The MAGIC red scooter

I all of a sudden one night right before bed time I decided that it was time for the binki to go. Jackson’s teeth are starting to stick out more and more. I knew since he did not even ask for it at school he could do it at home! So with out thinking it through and not allowing time to rationalize why he still needed it I told him it was time. I knew he wanted a scooter since most of his friends have one. I was waiting until Christmas, but heard that this works so this is what we did. I told him he was a big boy and it was time for his binki’s to go bye bye. If he went two nights (anything more than one is two too Jackson) he would get his scooter. He said he wanted a red one so we pumped it up. We told him red scooters were for big boys, etc. That night it took about an hour for him to go to sleep. He wanted to ask for a binki so bad, but was determined to get the scooter so he never asked. He woke up once in the night (still never asked for it) and that was it. It had been one solid week and NO BINKI”S!! Before bed I told him the binki fairy was coming to drop off his scooter. He was so excited when he woke up to his red Car’s scooter today! He was outside at 6:45 riding down the side walk. It took all of 10 minutes for him to figure it out. He told everyone that passed by he got a new red scooter. He keeps saying, “I can do it” and “I’m doin it”. He is so happy he is a big boy with his big boy scooter. Here are some action photos.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My kids have brought more than I could have imagined to my life

I don't have a lot of time as usual, but I have so much to say! I spent last week end with my Dad, Sheri, Jackson, and Ava. This week end with my sister, Andrew, Greg, Jackson, Ava, my Mom, and we got to see my brother and his family. Having kids has made me a better person. It has taught me so much. It has taught me to be the person God intended me to be. My family has come a long way and been through quite a bit to say the least. Growing up I always looked at what was wrong and what some one else did. It was always someone else's fault why I was doing, acting, or feeling a certain way. Hate the one's you love the most kind of thing. My heart feels so full finally! Having my kids has shown me how much my family loves me and how much they love my kids. My Mom is hear once a week to see them. My sister and I though 5 hours apart seem to see each other once a month or at least every other (most her doing). I vow to make more effort this coming year. My brother though a man of few words does not have to say much anymore to make me feel ok anymore. I accept him for who he is. I can see how proud he is of me by the way he loves and enter acts with my son or the way he holds my daughter. My sister in law is amazing and is another sister to me. We adore our neice and nephews and can't wait for our kids to have so many great memories with them. My Dad and Sheri always welcome us and open there home for our family. We have tons of summer fun in Austin! Our family always manages to get get together for many holidays out of the year. I am just so grateful that I know my family and I are as important to them as they are to me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One month

One month has passed in the blink of an eye. Things have been super busy around here. Greg insisted I take the kids and go to my Dad’s for the hurricane. I am sure glad I did since we were with out power for 48 hours. We live in a bubble (Katy) outside of Houston so I don’t see any real effects of the hurricane expect the grocery store. There has been little milk, bread, dairy, etc. Monday I got up at 6:30 to go get some groceries and HEB was trying to get everything restocked. People were there shopping out of the boxes in the middle of the aisles. It was nuts! As soon as they restock they are out again. Greg says it is real bad in town and it will take some serious time to repair and get the city the way it was. We are off to Dallas tomorrow for my sister’s baby shower this week end. I am so excited for her I can’t stand it! Oh and Ava, what do I say. She is simply perfect. She is an angel! She nurses like a pro and sleep like a champ. She is a pretty chill baby, what more could I ask for? I wish I had time for more, but I have to pack for our trip!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Great week

Last week was our first week on our own with no help. It went really well I must say!

Tuesday we met Jackson's teacher and ran a few errands
Wednesday we went to swim lessons, story time at the library, and had lunch with 4 friends!
Thursday was Jackson first day of school
Friday we went to a play date and the park
The week end we enjoyed as a family

This week we have something every day as well. It is so nice to be able to get out again and do fun stuff with Jackson. I started back at the gym yesterday and this morning I got up at 6:45 to go work out. Ugh did you know it is still dark at that hour!

I have some HUGE news! We went for a weight check today and Ava gained a full pound in two weeks weighing in at 8 pounds and 12 ounces!! There is nothing more rewarding than breast feeding your child and watching her grow.

Jackson started to cry today when he was walking back to his room with all the other kids. It sure made a hard day for me, but his teacher said it stopped as soon as they hit the room. He had a great day and was all smiles when I picked him up. Once again he went straight to sleep with NO binki. BIG BOY!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Call the PRESS!!

So I said Jackson was a little sad about having to nap at school, but went right to sleep. I just thought about this today, he did not have a binki!! I did not send one on purpose, but forgot about it. I am so proud of him.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

What a big boy!

He did great! He was whining when I got there, but the teacher said he had just started that when he got up from his nap. It will be quite an adjustment going from a 3 hour nap to just an hour and a half. He never once cried and was so excited to show me his stamp from his Spanish teacher. He has been saying a few words in Spanish and it is adorable! I am so happy he did great!! It makes it so much easier, but man it was a lonely day with out my little man!

I miss him so much!

It has only been an hour since we dropped off Jackson at his first day of preschool. Ava is a sleep as usual and the house is silent. I have been cleaning since I got home trying to stay busy. I did not realize how hard this would be for me. Should I have waited another year? I know I am being selfish he is ready. At his school we all meet at 8:45 for morning devotion. They sing, read a bible verse, and then pray. All the kids sit as a class and then they hold on to the rope and off they go. Jackson grabbed on and said bye. He kept looking back, but only to smile and keep saying bye. Life happens way too fast is all I can say. I will update tonight with some pictures and let you know how he did (and how I did :)).

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meet the teacher

I think when you have your first child there is an instant bond. Your life revolves around that child. Having my second child I just assumed it would be the same and it is just not. With Ava I feed her, change her, and then put her back in her bed to take care of Jackson. I don’t feel like I really have had the time to bond with her yet. All my Mom friends say it just takes longer the second time around. I was thinking that having two days a week with Jackson in preschool; it would give me that one on one time with Ava. Especially as she gets older I know I will enjoy this time. I have to admit I have been feeling so sad about sending Jackson lately. It has always been him and I every day for the last two and a half years. I mean seriously I missed him when Tina took him t Pump it Up for a couple hours. I totally figured he would be the same for him lol. Today when we went to his school to meet the teachers all the kids were crying in fear of being left, would not look or talk to the teacher, and wanted to be held. Jackson walked right in, shook hands with his teachers, told him his name, found the lagos, and then came back grabbed his teacher by the hand to come play with him. I think I was the only parent literally dragging my child out the door and through the parking lot to leave. I have been thinking all after noon about how proud I am of him at only 2.5 years old. He showed me his self confidence, independence, and how self sufficient he can be and that makes me so proud. Those are three things my parents made very important growing up and I know it has helped me through the years and as an adult. My little baby has become a wonderful little boy!