Monday, July 28, 2008

Roller Coaster

At least that is what this feels like. I am now leaking from her stripping the membranes. She wanted to make sure I did not have a leak in my bag of water. This little girl is looking up again UGH! She told me to go get moving so she will tuck her head back down. Her head is right on the bag so all she has to do is tuck her head in. She has me coming back in Friday if I make it that long. She will do another strip. I am off to water aerobics to get this baby moved!

36 weeks

I almost made it the full week end with out calling my Dr. This morning at 6:30 I threw in the towel. I was having some severe cramps, contractions, and pressure. I met her at the hospital since she was already headed that way for another delivery. My contractions were 7 minutes apart and slowed down to 10 minutes. The baby has tucked her head to her chin which is great. This will put the pressure on my cervix to dilate more. She also went ahead and stretched out my cervix. If the baby is ready this should give her the push she needs. We should know if the next 24 hours if something will happen. If I get regular contractions through the day she wants me to come in and see her at 4:30 this after noon. If not I will see her Friday and she will try and stretch things again. Now is just a waiting game.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Today is not the day

I am still hanging out at 4cm, but the head is back where it needs to be. It keeps hitting my nerve and it feels like an electric shock. The Dr wants me to make it through one more week end. Monday I see her at 4:30 and she will try and stretch things for me. I am not sure what that means and I don't think I want to know. She just said if the baby is ready then she should come after she does that. I will update Monday.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


My contractions are getting more regular and stronger. Today I feel like someone is sending electric shock through me. I see the Dr at 9:15 tomorrow and selfishly I pray it is time. I am almost 36 weeks and very uncomfortable.

On another note we had a busy day. Jackson has been doing so well with swim lessons. He can swim alone for about 4 feet. He is learning now to float on his back. Yesterday he screamed at lessons which I thought was strange. He has been saying his ear hurts on and off. Yesterday he kept pulling it. So this morning I took him in and sure enough he has swimmers ear. So we are back on an antibiotic ear drops which is hell for Jackson. Granny came out and we hit the mall for some walking and shopping. We ate lunch at Rain Forest Café and she took Jackson on the carousel. He really had a good time considering his ear hurt.

Ok well I will update tomorrow after I see the Dr.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Still no baby

Still no baby, but all the signs that she is coming and SOON!! I am going back to the Dr Friday morning so she can check me before the week end. Unless something happens before which would not shock me, I will update then. Thanks for the emails, prayers, and support!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Tuesday July 22nd

We just got back in from the Dr. I am still at 4cms and now 80% effaced (cervix is 80% thinned out). She said my cervix is super soft. She did an ultra sound and my fluids look normal which is good. The baby has flipped sides and now her head is looking up. She told me to sit on an exercise ball and sway my hips around so I can get her to put her head back down. When she does it should moves things along quickly. She does not think I will make it to 37 weeks (Aug3rd), but if I do she will strip the membranes. For me that would mean I would go straight into labor. I am even more excited she said I could get some exercise. Just walking, but YAY! I walked about half a mile yesterday evening and it felt great.

80% effaced

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday June 20th

So tonight I started having contractions. I started to sway my hips thinking I could get the baby to give me some relief. When I did a big gush came out. I swore it was my water. We went to the hospital and it just my bladder. The baby is so low that when I swayed my bladder released on it's own. I am still at 4cm, but my cervix has thinned more. The baby had some tachycardia which is a high heart rate
(220). They had me drink a ton of water in 10 minutes and her heart rate came back down and the contractions that were 3 minutes apart slowed way down. I drink a ton of water and still had this happen. I need my own bed and I see her Tuesday morning so I asked the nurse to call her back and ask her if I could go home. I swear I am not going back unless her head is sticking out!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Sat night June 19th

I will try and keep everyone updated through this blog. There are so many of you I want to call, but sleep deprivation is kicking my butt. I have been walking and doing a lot of swaying of the hips. It has really helped and the baby has moved. Clearly she is not going back up, but what ever she did has relieved a lot of the pressure. I know longer think she is coming out the wrong end ;). I only slept a little over an hour last night and had a three hour nap today. I am about to get in bed and hopefully get some good sleep. I am feeling a lot better and think if she stays like this I could make it another week or two. If nothing happens before I will see my Dr in her office Tuesday morning and will update again then.

4cm dilated
70% effaced

Two in a row!

What a long and painful night! We ended up at the hospital last night at 9:00 and just got home at 12:30 this afternoon. The baby has dropped more. I am now 4cm dilated and 70% effaced. She sent me home to rest. They will not help me until I get to 5cm. The good thing is I am 35 weeks tomorrow and that was our goal. I am going to try and really sleep.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Long Night

Ok it was a long night with no sleep. I called my Dr this morning after a night of contractions. Greg took me in to see her and I am 3cm dilated (that is what I was when I got an epidural with Jackson). Unfortunately she will not check me in to have the baby until I am 5cm since I am barely 35 weeks. She said they won’t stop it and it could be today or it may be a couple more days. I am going to take a sleeping pill and get rested in case it is today.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Make room for baby!

Here are the picture's of the little one's room I have been saying I would post for months ;)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Update 34 weeks

I just got in from my Dr’s appointment. The reason I am in so much pain is because this baby is in the birth canal trying to make her way out! I am 2.5 cm’s dilated and 50% effaced. The Dr said it could be any day now. She would like to see me make it to next week, but at this point won’t do anything to stop the labor. Stay tuned!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sneak Peek




Photo Shoot

Tonight my friend Eliza took some shots of Jackson in a free element this time. She is an amazing photographer! She put up a few on her blog already so check them out at I can't wait to see the rest! When I saw the pictures I was amazed that he is ours. We did that!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

33 weeks

Is it bad to secretly be wishing my very last fetal fibronectin test will come back positive? I am so ready to get this baby OUT! I know she needs to keep brewing a couple more weeks, but dang it feels like eternity! I went to see the Dr who is filling in for my Dr while she is on vacation. She said I am about 1.5 cm dilated which who knows if that is more that what I was. It varies with each person who checks you. I have been having contractions, cramps, and horrible back aches. She said that of course is from the baby already moving down in my pelvis. I hate eating, it only makes me feel worse, heart burn is a well you know what, I can’t sleep, Greg calls me flipper since that is what I do all night, I pee every 30 minutes, I mean I could seriously on. I am so trying to enjoy this “special time” since it could be the last since we may go bankrupt after this, but this just sucks! Ok I am done.
Things here at home have really been better than I could have ever imagined! My Mom has been our night and shining armor. She is like a robot that cleans anything and everything in sight. She helps me with Jackson and is basically my extra set of hands. We are so fortunate she is 100% understanding of our desire to keep him at home in his regular routine (he is about to come into enough changes with the baby and preschool). She does not mind coming here and that has been a huge help. She comes for 3 days during the week which only leaves me two days by myself. He has been an angel and neither of us have had any problems or fits from him. He started swim lessons today and I am one proud Mommy! He did amazing! He already holds his breath and glides through the water. Today he was learning to kick more. If you have time check Mrs. Kathleen’s web site, she has an awesome video of what she teaches

Ok that is all I got for now. I see the Dr again Tuesday so hopefully I will have more baby news and I will let you know if the test comes back positive of course!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

July 4th

I think this is the first year since Greg and I have been together we have not spent the 4th in Austin, but this year we had to stay close to home. One of my good friends lives’ in the neighborhood across from us and had a party. It was all the girls in my Mom’s group so it was so much fun! The Mom’s and kids all new each other already! The Dad’s all sat alone and did not say much until enough beer was consumed. The last hour they all got along great and I am excited for all of us to hang out again soon! Jackson loved the sparklers, but did not handle the fire works well. They were way too loud and he wanted to stay inside. He made it until 10:00 playing with his buddies which is an all time record for him!