Tuesday, July 8, 2008

33 weeks

Is it bad to secretly be wishing my very last fetal fibronectin test will come back positive? I am so ready to get this baby OUT! I know she needs to keep brewing a couple more weeks, but dang it feels like eternity! I went to see the Dr who is filling in for my Dr while she is on vacation. She said I am about 1.5 cm dilated which who knows if that is more that what I was. It varies with each person who checks you. I have been having contractions, cramps, and horrible back aches. She said that of course is from the baby already moving down in my pelvis. I hate eating, it only makes me feel worse, heart burn is a well you know what, I can’t sleep, Greg calls me flipper since that is what I do all night, I pee every 30 minutes, I mean I could seriously on. I am so trying to enjoy this “special time” since it could be the last since we may go bankrupt after this, but this just sucks! Ok I am done.
Things here at home have really been better than I could have ever imagined! My Mom has been our night and shining armor. She is like a robot that cleans anything and everything in sight. She helps me with Jackson and is basically my extra set of hands. We are so fortunate she is 100% understanding of our desire to keep him at home in his regular routine (he is about to come into enough changes with the baby and preschool). She does not mind coming here and that has been a huge help. She comes for 3 days during the week which only leaves me two days by myself. He has been an angel and neither of us have had any problems or fits from him. He started swim lessons today and I am one proud Mommy! He did amazing! He already holds his breath and glides through the water. Today he was learning to kick more. If you have time check Mrs. Kathleen’s web site, she has an awesome video of what she teaches http://www.infantaquatics.com/kathleenmcmordie.htm.

Ok that is all I got for now. I see the Dr again Tuesday so hopefully I will have more baby news and I will let you know if the test comes back positive of course!


Serratt Baby Blog said...

Your feelings are normal so don't feel bad at all. Just remember that God will be there for you during these hard times.

Lerin said...

Your mom must love you a lot! :) How nice that she lives close-by, and is willing to help. I'm sorry you're so uncomfortable!

KatyTexasMommy said...

33 weeks is a great GREAT week to make it to, 34 weeks and you are cooking, 35 weeks and its homefree

So excited for you! Kelli

Eliza B. said...

She will be here in no time, mama. I know, I know...still feels like forever, but soon this will all just be a memory.

I cannot wait to meet the baby girl. You make beautiful babies, so I know she'll be GORGE! =)