Sunday, July 20, 2008

Sunday June 20th

So tonight I started having contractions. I started to sway my hips thinking I could get the baby to give me some relief. When I did a big gush came out. I swore it was my water. We went to the hospital and it just my bladder. The baby is so low that when I swayed my bladder released on it's own. I am still at 4cm, but my cervix has thinned more. The baby had some tachycardia which is a high heart rate
(220). They had me drink a ton of water in 10 minutes and her heart rate came back down and the contractions that were 3 minutes apart slowed way down. I drink a ton of water and still had this happen. I need my own bed and I see her Tuesday morning so I asked the nurse to call her back and ask her if I could go home. I swear I am not going back unless her head is sticking out!


Serratt Baby Blog said...

I will continue to pray that God will give you peace, strength, and comfort until little Miss Ava is born.

Lerin said...

You didn't post yesterday! Does that mean Ava has made her grand entrance into the world? Praying for you!!!