Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jackson Update

I took Jackson to the ENT today. He still has the sinus and ear infection. We still have about three days left on the meds. She said that his ear tube was probably blocked by wax last week (that is why it was not draining). It is now so that is a great thing! She said the tube is still in place and working well. The left ear was blocked so she had to stick a long metal thing in the ear and pull out the wax (quite nasty). The left tube is starting to come out. She said she does not think it will last very long (max 6 months). We go back in October to follow up. I just hope and pray he won’t need a second set of tubes!

On another note Greg had soft ball practice tonight so I put Jackson to bed. This is usually Daddy time. We read at least 10 books, got in bed, said prayers, and then I told him night night, miss you, love you, see you in the morning. It is so cute because he says all that back. We had been playing puzzles and music instrument's for 40 minutes and I was fighting back the tears because my back was hurting so bad. It was a very busy day and I had not sat down. So I was walking to the door and Jackson said, "Mommy I need it". I said, "need what baby". He replied, "I need it kiss". I forgot and how could I have forgot to kiss my Angel??? It melted my heart!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

We just got home from our Annual Austin trip. We go to my Dad’s every year usually for Memorial Day, The 4th, and or Labor Day. This year sadly it will most likely only be Memorial Day with Ava coming in August. We had a great time! My brother’s family, Tiffany and Andrew, and my Dad’s wife’s kids all came this time. It was a full house and the kids seemed to have a blast! It took me a little too long to figure out my camera lens was dirty, but I will post some more pictures from the other’s when I get them. Thanks Dad and Sheri we had a great time!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Worst Mom award goes to......

That would be me! So in my previous post I said Jackson was sick, but seemed better just defiant. He has been feeling yucky on and off since last Friday (when he spiked the high fever). I thought, “oh it is viral it will go away”. There were times he would be fine and then just melt down falling to the floor. I chalked it up as he is now a two year old. I kept saying I want my sweet angel back. I literally have been walking on egg shells around a two year old not knowing when and if he will fall apart. This is so not Jackson. He may have one quick melt down every other day at most (not every hour). He started coughing a couple days ago and then he started saying his ear hurt (still nothing consistent). I went out last night for pedi’s with the girls and he would not eat (big sign Jackson is not well), but still thought nothing since I was gone and he was with Greg. He coughed all night long and today you could just see the baby did not feel good. We went to our pediatrician and low and behold he has an ear infection and nasty sinus infection. Praise God I pulled my head out of my (you know what) before we left town for the week end. He gave us some ear drops and oral antibiotics so I hope this knocks it out quick. His ear tube is not draining which is not a good sign. We have to see the ENT next week. It may just be blocked by some thick wax and the fluid can not get through. Please, lets all pray that is what it is!! I can not even imagine having to do another set of tubes already or the cost that comes with it! So anyway I have been dragging around to church, The YMCA, play dates, the pool, a poor little sick baby!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Almost makes you want to (just almost)

Ever wonder what it may cost to pay out of pocket to have a baby? Well when your husband is self employed and you do not have maternity medical insurance you soon find out it is outrageous! Here is what I have come up with so far…

Medical Bills we have received to date

$2,000 Dr Corvessiss (pre natal and post natal care)

$700 Six weeks ER visit Christus Saint Catherine Hopital

$700 Dr who saw me in the ER first time

$437.75 Six wk ER visit Ultra Sound

$50.36 Six week ER visit Labs SJ Asso

$400 Twenty weeks Ultra Sound up front

$308.22 Twenty weeks US billed to us for the rest of it

$1281.10 2nd ER visit low pressure and dehydrated

$1,000 Dr who saw my while in ER 2nd time

$72.99 Labs

Estimated to Come

$200 for the person who read my Ultra sound and sent the report to my Dr

$1500 estimated for labs

$2400 must be paid up front for the hospital (who know how much they will later bill us for)$800 Epidural

Grand total so far $10,050.42

I still have to add in what the neonatologist will charge to see her once she is born and if the hospital has any additional charges!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Quick update

I went to the Dr today and everything looks great! Ava is measuring right on schedule. I had my glucose test done and should get the results in a couple days. I have been having some pains real low in my pelvis, but she informed me that is our precious little girl way down there! I only gained 1 pound in the last two weeks so that was a plus! I go June 3rd for a 4D ultra sound so I will have new pictures. Here is the latest photo of my expanding tummy.
Other great news my Grandma is doing much better. It was a severe kidney infection that spread through her blood stream. They seem to have things under control for now. Thanks for all your warm wishes and prayers!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a week!

This past week started off not so good. It was Mother’s Day and I was sick as a dog. I totally thought it was hay fever. Greg took Jackson to church while I stayed in bed all day alone. It was kind of sad. My Mom came for a few hours and helped clean my house since I was so sick. I still managed to get to the gym twice this week, but I have to say it is getting much harder. Water aerobics starts the first week of June and I can not wait! I am now carrying an extra 23 pounds and I think working out in the water will help. I started to feel down this week being stuck in the house some. I have felt great this whole pregnancy and I just now am starting to get all the aches and pains. It really messes me up mentally that I can not physically do as much. I am so used to taking care of everyone and always being on the go. That has to slow down. Tuesday Greg got sick and by Friday he went to the Dr. Greg has to be feeling really bad to go to the Dr. He had been running a fever all week so she went ahead and gave him some antibiotics. Friday morning Jackson woke up with a fever. When he woke up from his nap it was 103.2 and I was freaked out! He has never had that high of fever. He was crying uncontrollably and his little body was like a noodle. I managed to keep him medicated and the fever under control and by yesterday after noon things seemed better for him. Greg and I are still a little achy and I think we all just had a virus. This morning I was excited to get to go to church after missing last week. It really gives me strength to get through the week. Don’t get me wrong I feel Christ’s presence daily by the challenges he places before me (trust me), but something about walking in the doors at church always gives me a new and better attitude. So we all get ready this morning and Jackson was in a mood. I think it was a combination of being tired and maybe still not feeling 100%. We took separate cars just in case and what a good idea!! I was determined to go and make the best of it even though my patience was about gone. One of the many things Christ challenges me with daily. I kept telling myself, he is two, he is tired, he does not feel good, etc. We stood in the back and Jackson acted a fool! He was on the floor, crying, rolling, taking off his shoes, throwing them, you name it. It went on and off for about 15 minutes when I picked him up and left. I don’t think it is fair to ruin everyone else’s Sunday mass. When we got home I did not react or say anything I just placed him straight in bed and he was a sleep in less than 5 minutes. I felt so bad that I drug him out and expected so much from him. We have a birthday party we are committed to this after noon so I hope it goes better than this morning.

One last thing, My Grandmother is not doing well. My Grandfather found her face down on the floor Monday morning and she had no idea how she got there. I talked to her Monday night and she seemed ok. She was in the hospital and besides a severe bladder infection they had not found anything. I told her I would call her the next day and I did. Well I have called three times a day every day since. No one is answering. My Dad and brother talked to her Friday and she was not able to hold a conversation or make since. No one knows anything at this point. No one has talked to the Dr. and my Grandfather is 90 (he hates to drive to the hospital in town). My aunt is going to try and get some information by calling her Dr Monday. I hope that we know some more or I am going to go down there. I feel really guilty because I wanted to go for Mother’s Day, but put it off for my own selfish reasons. Famous words of my father, don’t worry until you have something to worry about. So I am just praying for trust in God. I know he has a plan. I posted some pictures (you can clearly see the split personality's of a 2 year old ) and will probably send out an update Tuesday after my Dr’s appointment. Blessing!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

I promise I will get this right!

I really don't know how to work this just yet

So I was just informed my blog did not get sent out, just an email of my last posting. So are you all thinking I am a little off for sending everyone and email to get over it?? It was supposed to be a post on our new blog and the get over it was to the Dr and Dentist lol!! Check us out at I am still getting it up and going so check back for up dates.

Yes our 2 year old still has his binki! While I was waiting at the Dr yesterday, I read an article about pacifiers "when it is time to get rid of it..."they said between 2 yr and the LAST year of Preschool. The American Pediatrics Assoc are quoted as saying that the paci has no affect on dental health before 2 and little effect before 4. They said the BEST time to get rid of it is between 7 - 9 months, well we missed that window long ago! He only uses it to sleep and we are fine with it! We are going to let him be little and enoy every minute of it!! What do you do if your kid suck fingers?? Can't take those away.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Just getting started

So I am just getting this blog up and going. I have someone making my page pretty, but it may take a couple weeks. Heck it will probably take me that long to figure out how to work this thing :). Stayed tuned for updates!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

April 14th

I have been wanting to start this for so long! Today we went to lunch with 8 great girl friends. Our friend Tara is about to have her baby any day so I thought I would get her a cake and gift card. I emailed the other girls and we all went in on it. We were able to get $100 and what a nice gift right??! Well Donna called and said she would get the cake since she did not have her boys today. What a help since Jackson is such a hand full!! So anyway when I got there they had turned it into a celebration for not just Tara, but Trudy and I as well (we are all expecting in the next three months)!! I also got a $100 gift card. I have great friends! It can be so hard to get a gift for so many people between showers, birthdays, etc. When we all put in a few buck it made a really nice gift!