Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Almost makes you want to (just almost)

Ever wonder what it may cost to pay out of pocket to have a baby? Well when your husband is self employed and you do not have maternity medical insurance you soon find out it is outrageous! Here is what I have come up with so far…

Medical Bills we have received to date

$2,000 Dr Corvessiss (pre natal and post natal care)

$700 Six weeks ER visit Christus Saint Catherine Hopital

$700 Dr who saw me in the ER first time

$437.75 Six wk ER visit Ultra Sound

$50.36 Six week ER visit Labs SJ Asso

$400 Twenty weeks Ultra Sound up front

$308.22 Twenty weeks US billed to us for the rest of it

$1281.10 2nd ER visit low pressure and dehydrated

$1,000 Dr who saw my while in ER 2nd time

$72.99 Labs

Estimated to Come

$200 for the person who read my Ultra sound and sent the report to my Dr

$1500 estimated for labs

$2400 must be paid up front for the hospital (who know how much they will later bill us for)$800 Epidural

Grand total so far $10,050.42

I still have to add in what the neonatologist will charge to see her once she is born and if the hospital has any additional charges!!