Tuesday, May 13, 2008

April 14th

I have been wanting to start this for so long! Today we went to lunch with 8 great girl friends. Our friend Tara is about to have her baby any day so I thought I would get her a cake and gift card. I emailed the other girls and we all went in on it. We were able to get $100 and what a nice gift right??! Well Donna called and said she would get the cake since she did not have her boys today. What a help since Jackson is such a hand full!! So anyway when I got there they had turned it into a celebration for not just Tara, but Trudy and I as well (we are all expecting in the next three months)!! I also got a $100 gift card. I have great friends! It can be so hard to get a gift for so many people between showers, birthdays, etc. When we all put in a few buck it made a really nice gift!


KatyTexasMommy said...

How exciting to be welcomed into motherhood a 2nd time by your friends!