Thursday, May 29, 2008

Jackson Update

I took Jackson to the ENT today. He still has the sinus and ear infection. We still have about three days left on the meds. She said that his ear tube was probably blocked by wax last week (that is why it was not draining). It is now so that is a great thing! She said the tube is still in place and working well. The left ear was blocked so she had to stick a long metal thing in the ear and pull out the wax (quite nasty). The left tube is starting to come out. She said she does not think it will last very long (max 6 months). We go back in October to follow up. I just hope and pray he won’t need a second set of tubes!

On another note Greg had soft ball practice tonight so I put Jackson to bed. This is usually Daddy time. We read at least 10 books, got in bed, said prayers, and then I told him night night, miss you, love you, see you in the morning. It is so cute because he says all that back. We had been playing puzzles and music instrument's for 40 minutes and I was fighting back the tears because my back was hurting so bad. It was a very busy day and I had not sat down. So I was walking to the door and Jackson said, "Mommy I need it". I said, "need what baby". He replied, "I need it kiss". I forgot and how could I have forgot to kiss my Angel??? It melted my heart!



Oh Amber! How precious!!

KatyTexasMommy said...

PRECIOUS! love the layout of your new blog!

The Gallands said...

Very cute!

I love the way the blog looks! You're officially addicted :)