Saturday, May 17, 2008

I really don't know how to work this just yet

So I was just informed my blog did not get sent out, just an email of my last posting. So are you all thinking I am a little off for sending everyone and email to get over it?? It was supposed to be a post on our new blog and the get over it was to the Dr and Dentist lol!! Check us out at I am still getting it up and going so check back for up dates.

Yes our 2 year old still has his binki! While I was waiting at the Dr yesterday, I read an article about pacifiers "when it is time to get rid of it..."they said between 2 yr and the LAST year of Preschool. The American Pediatrics Assoc are quoted as saying that the paci has no affect on dental health before 2 and little effect before 4. They said the BEST time to get rid of it is between 7 - 9 months, well we missed that window long ago! He only uses it to sleep and we are fine with it! We are going to let him be little and enoy every minute of it!! What do you do if your kid suck fingers?? Can't take those away.