Friday, October 30, 2009

I am home

I am home and so glad to be here!! I had a good day and kept all food down. They had me on a very high dose of steroids and now switched me to oral one's. My GI Dr wanted me on them for three months and I cried when my OB told me that. He said he re wrote the orders for 21 days. We will see how I do then, I may have to go back on them. We are just going to hope for the best right now and take one day at a time. If you know anything about prednisone (steroids) you know it is NO fun. I am already feeling very irritable and could cry if you asked me too. It makes you a miserable person. I was very hungry this am, but have not seen a ravenous appetite yet, but it will come. I need to gain 12 pounds at least in 21 days. Please just pray that I make it through these 21 days with out too bad of depression or irritability. I also am really hoping my Chron's is not acting up as it has been in remission since I was 17. I see the Dr weekly so he is taking good care of me. I just love him! He is so caring and very compassionate! I know I am in good hands!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hospital Stay

I went in to see my Dr today since I am sick yet again. I am down another 3 pounds which makes a total of 19 pounds in six weeks I have lost. So he admitted me into the hospital. For those who don’t know I have Chron’s disease. I have not had any problems since I was 17 or so. It never really crossed my mind that it may be my Chron’s acting up. I saw a GI Dr today while in the hospital and he said my stomach is very tender. It could be the Chron’s, but we have no way to know since they can not do any further testing right now. He wants me on steroids through the IV so I have to stay in the hospital. He said a few days, but my OB said if I have a good night and day tomorrow he will try and get him to switch me to oral steroids so I can go home. The steroids are really a win win with me. Even if it is not the Chron’s it the steroids will help the nausea and help me gain some weight. That is all I know for now.

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's Fall

I can't believe it is fall, maybe because it is so dang hot here!! Today is the first day we all put on long sleeves. Let me just tell you if it drops below 70 everyone in Houston cranks the heaters. OMG every where we went today we were so HOT!! Can you believe Christmas is only two months away? I usually have most of my shopping done and I only have 4 out of 21 people done ahhh!! I am usually anti toys for my kids, but this year is different. Jackson some how became a little boy over night. Instead of toddler toys, he wants big boy toys (and legos those small one's LAWD help us). Ava is always playing with boy toys so it is time we added some babies and pink stuff to our house. We made wish lists at Toys R Us and they are the greatest things ever! Jackson made his on his own and had a great time adding his wants!! I wish everyone would make one of these to make my shopping easier!! We have so much fun stuff coming up. This week end we are headed to Dewberry Farms which is a pumpkin patch. We have family pictures next week end, Dallas the week end after that for Alyssa's bday, and Thanksgiving at our house!! I can't believe I am saying this as I never thought the day would come! We are having a holiday in our very own home AND we have some family coming!! Nothing makes me happier as I would love for our kids to remember holidays in our house verses running all over town to different places!! I can not WAIT!!!! Oh and I almost forgot I got to go with my #1 Baby Boo to his fall field day. Real quick I have to tell you Jackson has always been my Baby Boo and he asked me if Ava was my Baby Boo too. I told him yes, but he is my #1 Baby Boo. He will never let me forget to say #1 before I call him Baby Boo now :). Anyway I will send out the pictures from his fun day at school. I treasure these kind of events with him! I adore him!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Second Trimester

I am feeling much better. I am only throwing up maybe every other day versus every time I put something in my mouth. I lost another 2 pounds as hard I tried to gain (makes a total of 16 lbs). I have never in my life had this problem! I ate before I went, held my bladder, and kept my shoes on err!! He was happy with where I am so YAY!! He said if it gets any worse I must call and go in. If all stays the way it is I don't go back until Nov 12th. I got the best news of all, I get to go back to the gym!!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

How cute are they?!!

I don't think I have seen anything cuter! Just a few pics to share!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thinking baby

Honestly I don't think being pregnant has really sunk in for me. I feel like I have just been really sick for two weeks! I have thought of names here and there, but have not decided on anything. Greg and I have much different taste!! He told me when we found out I was pregnant this time I get to name the baby (yeah right)! We each have a favorite out of these top picks so far. Today is the first day I really seriously thought about it though. There could be many more polls!! HOWEVER one of these names could be for Baby Hamilton. If you choose to participate please vote and leave only NICE comments. I do realize we all don't have the same taste, but this is our baby :). We don't want to hear negative comments! This should be fun!!

Copy and paste the link and vote!

Monday, October 5, 2009

11 weeks

What a difference a Dr can make! I feel like I am on a high! Not only did I have my first day of NOT throwing up yesterday, but I got a new Dr! He is AMAZING!! He was compassionate, listened not just heard me, responded, and was actually concerned about me! I have lost 14 pounds in less than 2 weeks!! The only reason he is not starting treatment right now is because I had a good day yesterday. If I lose any more weight this week and continue to throw up he will start me on steroids. That will help kick the nausea and make me hungry! I go back and see him next Thursday. I feel like my body may be turning a corner on its own though. He said my body just is not responding to the increase of hormone levels. Normally is levels off by 13 weeks and I am almost 12. He did say some women have it through out the entire pregnancy, have to be hospitalized, feeding tubes, zofran pumps, etc. He is going to check where I am next week and see where we go. I really feel like I am on the mend. I have half of my stress lifted by just finding a new Dr. His office staff was over the top professional and friendly (what a change from the last Dr I had). The office itself was top notch and all the equipment was new and updated (another change from my last Dr). He seems to be much more established than my last physician. I was very worried about going to a man, but he was very caring. He has four daughters and you can tell, very gentle man! He is very conservative as he was in the navy! He went to Yale and has been around a while. I just feel so blessed to be in good care!! Did I mention his nurses where SO nice?! Our baby looked like it had a huge head and a tiny little body. The picture again looks like a blog because this baby was on the move. It looked like it was doing aerobics!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

It's back!!

The vomiting that is!! It jerked me from my sleep last night about 2am. I am throwing up again today. I have a call into my Dr and I hope I will hear back tomorrow. I called her Monday and never got a returned call. We are looking hire some help for the kids, but that will take a few days. We will also take a MAJOR financial beating with this. Please keep praying!