Tuesday, June 8, 2010

2 months

My sweet Lily Grace you have brought so much joy to my life. God works through people and he has worked through you. You have taught me so many things! My faith has been tested, I have become so much more patient, much more laid back, I am okay if everything does not get done today, and so much more! We simply love you to pieces and you are a true gift from God. You are two months old today.
This past week you started smiling and smiling a lot!
You were baptized this past week end. Yout your ears peirced today!
You still sleep most of the time.
You LOVE to be held and we hold you a lot.
I love to cuddle with you and you love your Mommy!
Ava Bear has finally excepted the fact that you are here to stay and when no one is looking she gives you a sweet rub or kisses.
Jackson is smitten and adores you.
Your Mommy and Daddy could not be more in love.
Thank you for blessing me and once again making me realize God's plan was WAY better than my plan. I love you my sweet Lily Grace.
2 months stats
23 inches 75%
9 lbs 10 ounces 25%