Monday, July 28, 2008

Roller Coaster

At least that is what this feels like. I am now leaking from her stripping the membranes. She wanted to make sure I did not have a leak in my bag of water. This little girl is looking up again UGH! She told me to go get moving so she will tuck her head back down. Her head is right on the bag so all she has to do is tuck her head in. She has me coming back in Friday if I make it that long. She will do another strip. I am off to water aerobics to get this baby moved!


Lerin said...

I obsessively check your website, Amber. I'm dying to know when baby Ava will arrive! And I'm also dying to take pictures of her when she gets here!!!

RileyFamily said...

I was about the write the same post as your friend!