Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Tuesday July 22nd

We just got back in from the Dr. I am still at 4cms and now 80% effaced (cervix is 80% thinned out). She said my cervix is super soft. She did an ultra sound and my fluids look normal which is good. The baby has flipped sides and now her head is looking up. She told me to sit on an exercise ball and sway my hips around so I can get her to put her head back down. When she does it should moves things along quickly. She does not think I will make it to 37 weeks (Aug3rd), but if I do she will strip the membranes. For me that would mean I would go straight into labor. I am even more excited she said I could get some exercise. Just walking, but YAY! I walked about half a mile yesterday evening and it felt great.

80% effaced


Serratt Baby Blog said...

How exciting! Less than two weeks and Ava will be here. I can't wait.

Lerin said...

I'm checking your blog obsessively for Baby Ava news. :) Still praying for you!!!

Eliza said...

I can't wait to meet little Ava!!!