Thursday, July 24, 2008


My contractions are getting more regular and stronger. Today I feel like someone is sending electric shock through me. I see the Dr at 9:15 tomorrow and selfishly I pray it is time. I am almost 36 weeks and very uncomfortable.

On another note we had a busy day. Jackson has been doing so well with swim lessons. He can swim alone for about 4 feet. He is learning now to float on his back. Yesterday he screamed at lessons which I thought was strange. He has been saying his ear hurts on and off. Yesterday he kept pulling it. So this morning I took him in and sure enough he has swimmers ear. So we are back on an antibiotic ear drops which is hell for Jackson. Granny came out and we hit the mall for some walking and shopping. We ate lunch at Rain Forest Café and she took Jackson on the carousel. He really had a good time considering his ear hurt.

Ok well I will update tomorrow after I see the Dr.