Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Meet the teacher

I think when you have your first child there is an instant bond. Your life revolves around that child. Having my second child I just assumed it would be the same and it is just not. With Ava I feed her, change her, and then put her back in her bed to take care of Jackson. I don’t feel like I really have had the time to bond with her yet. All my Mom friends say it just takes longer the second time around. I was thinking that having two days a week with Jackson in preschool; it would give me that one on one time with Ava. Especially as she gets older I know I will enjoy this time. I have to admit I have been feeling so sad about sending Jackson lately. It has always been him and I every day for the last two and a half years. I mean seriously I missed him when Tina took him t Pump it Up for a couple hours. I totally figured he would be the same for him lol. Today when we went to his school to meet the teachers all the kids were crying in fear of being left, would not look or talk to the teacher, and wanted to be held. Jackson walked right in, shook hands with his teachers, told him his name, found the lagos, and then came back grabbed his teacher by the hand to come play with him. I think I was the only parent literally dragging my child out the door and through the parking lot to leave. I have been thinking all after noon about how proud I am of him at only 2.5 years old. He showed me his self confidence, independence, and how self sufficient he can be and that makes me so proud. Those are three things my parents made very important growing up and I know it has helped me through the years and as an adult. My little baby has become a wonderful little boy!


Cathy Noble said...

Really makes you feel like youve done something right when you see them so confident and self assured! Jackson looks like hes lovin school! Way to go mom!

Chad and Sarah said...

Ahhh...Kaylee and Brooklyn didn't cry either. I can't decide if I wanted them to miss me or not! Jackson looks so grown up! Oh and BTW I am so sorry for not keeping in touch I would have to have an hour long conversation to catch you up on why I am soo busy! I will call or come by soon, promise!