Sunday, August 31, 2008

Child of God

Today was a special day for our family. I wanted Ava’s baptism to be special and a little more personal. We decided to have Father Manuel who is a family friend of Greg’s family baptize her. Greg and I did our marriage prep with him and he married us. I love our priest, but he does not do the baptizing at our parish. Jackson was one of at least 15 kids when his was done. Greg called Father Manuel months ago to ask him if he would do the honors. He of course said yes and told us he would do it at 11:00 mass. My sister, brother in law, Dad, and Sheri were all in town to help us in celebration (along with the rest if our families). Today when we showed up mass was already going on. Well he failed to tell us that he changed his mass times and it was at 10:00. We ended up going in after communion and everything worked out perfectly.
We talked for several months about choosing God parents. This was hard for us because we don’t have many people in our lives that are practicing Catholics. Along with Father Manuel we made the decision to have one God parent. We chose Tina Greg’s sister. She has been great with Jackson and I know she will be with Ava as well. She has a huge help to me through the end of my pregnancy coming to help several times. We did not want to make someone a God Parent just for “record”. We wanted to choose someone we knew would be an active part in her life. Hopefully Tina will be married one day and her spouse will share in this honor with her. Though no one will ever officially be the God Father on paper that is not what is important to us. We would rather have one active person in her life than 10 on paper. So here is to Tina! We look forward to sharing the responsibility of spiritual guiding our sweet Ava for many years to come with you!
Thank you to all of our family for sharing this day with us.
Mark 16:16 Who ever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned


The Gallands said...

Congrats sweet Ava! And good choice! I know Tina will make a fabulous God Parent. Love you guys!