Sunday, August 10, 2008

Less than 24 hours

So in less than 24 hours we will be checking in to have our baby girl. She has already brought so much to my life. I can tell that she will truly teach me patience and trust in God’s plan. It has been an emotional, pain full, and stress full 7 weeks. I have had a tremendous support system from my family and wonderful girl friends! I am very grateful to have each one of you. When you go through hard times you find out who your friends are, who is there to support you no matter how stupid you sound, and who loves you through it all unconditionally.

I am so ready for some normalcy in our house. It seems like our lives have been turned up side down. I am ready for a whole new chapter for the four of us. I can’t wait to see what this little girl will bring to our already perfect three. Today I am full of emotions, nervous, anxious, and sad. I think only a Mother would understand the sad part. I feel like I am going to let Jackson down by giving some of my self to someone else. I have wondered on many nights what I was thinking wanting another child to take that from him. I know as soon as Ava enters the world all those emotions will change and I can not wait to embrace that.

Please pray for us. I pray that Ava will turn (she is currently sunny side up which can make things difficult), I pray for a healthy delivery, for Jackson to adjust well, and I pray most of all in thanks for all the people who have been there to help us through this.



Amber.. Can't wait to meet baby Ava! I will be thinking of you and we will come see you at the hospital!
Love, The Taylor Family

Chad and Sarah said...

Jackson will love it! He will easily adapt to being the little helper...even when you don't want help! I can't wait for you to experience even more love than you caould imagine with TWO little munchkins. Good Luck I will be praying for you!

RileyFamily said...

You will most definitely be in my thoughts and prayers! I can't wait to see pics of Miss Ava and hear how Jackson did meeting his little sister! Good luck girl...I love you!!

Cathy Noble said...

So exciting for all of you! And what a gift to Jackson to have a sibling/partner in crime to share his life with. You and Greg are going to have so much fun watching Jackson and Ava grow up together!