Friday, August 29, 2008

What's next??

Yesterday my Mom got Jackson up out of bed for the day and noticed his eye was a little swollen. I of course said he was fine and initially did not think anything of it. With in a few hours I decided to skip swim lessons and take him to the Dr as it was getting worse. His head, eye, and cheek were swollen and red. We went to his Dr and he could not pin point what it was. He did blood work and everything looked fine so he said watch it and start some antibiotics if it did not go down. We came home and he went down for his nap. When he got up I was almost in tears it looked so bad. I called the Dr and he had us go straight to Texas Children’s Hospital. They could not tell us what it was either, but Benadryl seemed to help a little. When it was time to get in the car he freaked out and could not control him self. It was scary and I have never seen Jackson who is so laid back act this way. We got home and he went to bed. At about 1:00 I went up to give him some more Benadryl and his eye was completely swollen shut. I sat in the living room in tears because I was so worried. I put him in bed with us and he could not lay still. I think he just can not tolerate Benadryl. Finally at 4:30 this morning he went back to his own bed. I called the Dr and he wanted to look at it again. I appreciate a Dr who can say he is not going to just tell me something to give me an answer; we may never know exactly what this is. He did add some Zyrtec and a steroid on top on the antibiotics. It seems to be less red and the swelling has gone down some. If it is not better by Tuesday he will put him Texas Children’s to try and find out what this is.
So hope and pray for us since we have my sister’s baby shower tomorrow and Ava’s baptism Sunday. I need Jackson to be well!
The pic is after he had some medicine and it went down some.


Serratt Baby Blog said...

You all will be in my prayers.