Tuesday, August 5, 2008

5 more days!

We just went to see the Dr. I have finally moved past 4 cm’s, but only to 4.5 lol! I asked her not to do another sweep. We would rather just wait until Monday so we can plan for her. I did not want to have anymore false alarms or worse irregular contractions than what I am already having. Greg is very excited to have this baby girl on his birthday! She told me than she is facing up again. She keeps flipping (facing up and then down). We need her down or it could be a more difficult delivery. I am going to sit on the exercise ball everyday and bring it with us to the hospital per her orders. Hopefully we can get her to work with us. Please keep us in your prayers and we will update as soon as she has arrived. We should have a baby pretty early on Monday as we are getting started at 5:30am. I am sure we will be exhausted so we are leaving Monday to only have Grandparents come visit. Please feel free to come Tuesday anytime. We will be at Chistus Saint Catherine Hospital on I10 and Fry Road.


Lerin said...

You'll get even MORE of my prayers on Monday! :)