Sunday, August 3, 2008

Our last week as 3!

Jackson is really trying hard to figure out what exactly “Baby Ava” is. He is confused with all the baby stuff around the house, but has had fun making sure it all works. We have a busy week which should help the last 7 days fly by!

Monday- Aunt Tina is coming over. We are going to swim lessons, the pool, and out for lunch.
Tuesday- I see The Dr again and we have swim lessons
Wednesday- My Mom and I are taking Jackson to Pump it Up (inflatable bounce house place) and his swim lessons will be in the evening so Daddy can finally watch him with his teacher.
Thursday- Swim lessons and dinner with Aunt Tina for her birthday
Friday – Aunt Carmen and the kids are coming in town and we are going to the pool, dinner, and having a slumber party (Jackson is going to be so excited to see the kids)
Saturday- Doughnuts and pool again with the Miller’s
Sunday- A quite day with just the three of us for the last time

So now that I have a full week planed watch Ava make a surprise entrance lol!


The Gallands said...

Wow- that girl is coming into a busy house! Can't wait to meet her!

Cathy Noble said...

At least Jackson is doing his part with all the "quality control"! Teehee! cant wait to meet little Miss Ava! The countdown is officially ON!

Eliza said...

My goodness, woman! You have a fun-filled calendar!!!

Jackson is going to be the sweetest big brother ever.

Love it!