Monday, November 10, 2008

3 months

My precious Baby Girl you are three months old tomorrow. Where has the time gone and how do I slow it down? You are such a good baby, always happy, and always smiling. You have started to coo and want to talk so bad. You are still exclusively nursing and I can’t bring myself to start pumping just yet. I know when I do giving a bottle will just be so much easier and way to tempting. We have an amazing bond and you love your Mommy so much. You still wake up twice in the night, but when I get you out of your bassinet and you smile at me I melt.

You have taught me so much! With Jackson I did not want him to sleep with us, did not want to hold him too much in fear that we would spoil him, etc. He is almost three and I would do anything to rewind, co sleep, hold him, and rock him any chance I had. It goes so fast that I want to do it all and enjoy every minute of it. You have taught me to slow down and enjoy each step. I was always waiting for the next milestone instead of enjoying the one we were currently in. I packed the rest of your 0-3 month clothes today and just cried. Why does it happen so fast? You may be the last baby as I am feeling very complete so it helps me even more cherish every moment.

Ava I love you so much. One day when you are reading all this I hope you see how much you complete our family.



Oh great.. you made me cry!

christina said... too. i am crying. really beautiful!

The Jaime Journal said...

She's precious Amber! That smile is captivating!