Saturday, November 22, 2008


So why is it when you stay up late your kids always need you all night long? I had a spa night with my girl friends last night and it was almost midnight when I went to sleep. Between Jackson and Ava I was up every hour. Jackson was crying that his ears hurt. Finally at 6:30 I bundled him up and we headed for the ER. I can see his left tube. It is in the ear canal and the Dr said it should fall out on it's own since he was not comfortable digging around in the ear. He said I should take him back to his ENT for that. That ear believe it or not is ok. The right ear has a nasty infection. The tube is still down in place, but covered in gunk and not draining. As most of you know this kid has had probably close to 30 ear infections. I am just praying we don't need another set of ear tubes. Well at least if we do we have a little better insurance coverage. It will be Dec 1st before we can get in with the ENT.


Lerin said...

Poor little boy!!!