Sunday, November 30, 2008

Quick update

I have about 5 mins before I have to get ready for church so this has to be quick. Since Jackson's horrible middle of the night ear infection that landed us in the ER desperate for a quick fix Greg got sick. He went to the Dr Wed before we left for Dallas. The Dr said he had a viral infection (fancy name for a cold). Well Friday night in Dallas Ava started sneezing and having congestion. Saturday when we got home I noticed she felt warm and then hot. We took her temp and it was 102.2 which for a little baby is high. They say if they are younger than 4 months and it is over 100.3 you have to get immediate medical attention. Ava is right on the fence since she is 3 and a half months, but the nurse told me I still had to take her in. BACK TO THE ER UGHH!! She had a some blood in her diaper so I thought she may have a UTI. After three long hours and some not so fun tests, she just had Greg's viral infection and a small rectal tear (common in babies from staining). Yesterday was the worst (sneezing, hacking, and tons of green stuff coming from the nose). Today she seems not so congested and has been asleep most of the day. It has been a busy and long week. We some how still managed to get all the Christmas decoration out, tree done, and the outside lights are just about done as well. Off to church. Here is to a happy healthy week!