Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tomorrow it all begins

The craziness of the holidays. Ever since I was a small kid we bounced around from place to place during the holidays. We were going from one house to the next and it was always stress. Tomorrow we are off for a 5 hour trip to Dallas, we come back Sunday, two days to get up packed, get back into our routine, Wednesday have Christmas Eve day with my Mom, sister, and brother inlaw, that night we go to Greg's family, Christmas Day we are at home and open our home to who ever wants to come over, Friday we have Christmas with my Mom's whole family, and then we can finally relax! I made the rule that we are home Christmas Day so Jackson can have Santa that morning and play with all his new toys. Next year and from then on we will not travel in December, we will go to church at our parish, we will be home for Christmas Eve, will will be home for Christmas Day, and we will will open our home to all! I am so excited for Christmas. I have been working hard with Jackson explaining what Christmas really is all about. I think it gets so out of hand with gifts so we decided 3 new books, 3 presents from Santa, and three presents from Mommy and Daddy. We decided 3 since that is how many baby Jesus got (one from each wise man). I am going to make a cake Christmas Day and we will have a birthday celebration for Jesus. I love this season more every year and especially now as Jackson gets older. Teaching him helps me keep Christ in Christmas!


Lerin said...

Adam and I are thinking about making the commitment to stay "home for Christmas" from now on as well. With young children, travelling really makes the holiday (HOLY DAY) stressful, and I really want us to have a quiet, relaxing day to reflect on Christmas (Christ's Mass) and not focus on the crazy busy hectic bouncing from here-to-there. :)

The only thing holding us back is that our family is so far away, and Adam's parents travel to NM every other year. It is sad to not have a big extended family celebration, but I think that's our plan from here on. Our home is always open, too. :)