Friday, January 9, 2009

My husband ROCKS Friday

This week has been great for Greg and I! We are doing The Love Dare and I can tell in just one week it has been great for our relationship! I would love for us to keep doing it over and over every 40 days!

This week Katy Lin posted a Questionnaire, so I'm going to play too!!

1) Where did you meet?
Cat Daddy's
2) How long did you date before you were married?
2 years
3)What does he do that surprises you?
His soft side with our daughter
4)What is your favorite quality?
His devotion to our faith
5)What is your favorite feature of his?
His smile
6) Does he have a nickname for you?
not so much
7) What is his favorite food?
He is a LOVER of most foods!
8) What is his favorite sport?
baseball I assume since he played for many years
9)When and where was your first kiss?
2003 in the parking lot of The Hideaway
10) What do you like to do together?
spend time with our kids, go out to eat, travel, spend time with our family, go to church
11)Do you have children?
2 amazing and beautiful kids!
12)Does he have a hidden talent?
not that I can think of. I will say he is a very smart person and wish he would finish school
13) Who said "I love you" first?
oh I did for sure! He always said he would never get married or have kids ha!
14) What is his favorite type of music?
classic rock
15) What is your favorite thing about him?
That I never ever have to worry about his loyalty or faithfulness to our marriage, that he is a great father, and the spiritual leader of our family!
16) Do you think he will read this?
Considering it gets emailed to him, yes!