Friday, January 9, 2009

T-Ball and more

Jackson is officially signed up for T-ball! The first game is March 28th so mark your calenders and come out to Katy! Greg is going to coach and I am Team Mom. Jackson is loving school and learning more daily. His speech is has improved so much and his self confidence is amazing! He loves to go spend time with his buddies at the Y when he is not in school. They keep them busy in the gym and take them outside for activities. He adores his baby sister and takes on the role as big brother with pride!

Ava oh Ava. Funny how things can change in a few days. She is now eating 1.5 tablespoons of rice cereal twice a day and LOVES it. She is teething and hopefully those two teeth on the bottom will pop through soon! She is doing this bite, chew, and pitch Mommy's arm fat while nursing. I have decided to start weaning her at 6 months. I have so much stored and I pump so hopefully I can keep her on breast milk for a little longer. She is holding her head up so well. She assumes the crawling position and wants so bad to move. I am praying for a few more months before that happens!

Well that is all the updates for now :)