Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good News

I spoke to the Cardiologist tonight. He called me and answered my questions. The diverticulum is not new. It was on the first echo a year and a half ago. They are only able to see 95% on the echo and this was just hard to see. An extra set of eyes picked it up and gave us an answer to what is going on. This is completely separate from his innocent murmur. We will monitor it and make sure the diverticulum does not get any bigger. I am going to ask him what happens if it does get bigger I just did not think of that when I spoke to him. He is going to have the chief on the echo lab look at this and if she feels any other further testing is done then he will call us. If not we will have another echo in 6 months to a year. He said this will not affect Jackson surgery next week to have his tonsils out and if it was his son he would still have it done. I have full confidence we are with the very best people at Texas Children's. Our Dr is well known, highly respected, a professor, and on the Board of American pediatrics (he is damn good). I also have 100% confidence that God has a plan and he will take care of my precious little boy.


Natalie Sherwood said...

Praise God!!!!

We are still praying ferverantly about his heart and his surgery.

Let us know if we can help at all.

Lerin said...

We will keep praying too!