Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We are DONE! We got a late start since they were backed up. We started our day waking at before 6am to get here by 7:30 and they did not even start with him until 11:00. He cleaned his ears and said he did not think he needed another set of tubes (great news). He had left over adenoids so he removed those (a nice way of saying his first Dr did not remove them all) and he took out his tonsils out. Jackson was a brave boy and rode back in a wagon with the anesthesiologist. He made friends with him before hand and sang him the whole super man song on his lap. I will NEVER take either of my kids anywhere, but here. It is like night and day (compared to Katy hospitals). Jackson had some trouble with his breathing when he woke up and high heart rate. He was very upset and it took awhile to calm him, but we are resting in our room right now (he is watching TV). We are in the West tower room 1112 if anyone wants to come see him today. We will hopefully go home in the morning or mid day. Thank you for all the support and prayers, hopefully he is on the mend!


Me said...

So glad it all went well! Hope you are at home now resting and having a break!!!