Tuesday, September 22, 2009

9 weeks

I went to the Dr today and.... yep I am pregnant!! I had no concerns that this baby was healthy since I have been so sick. I have been throwing up a lot. I was kind of concerned by my lack of energy since it has been so extreme. I also have been having some blurred vision, been light headed, and dizzy. My assumption was right. My blood pressure is low most likely from dehydration since I can't keep anything in me. She gave me some stronger nausea medicine so I am praying that will help. Other than that things look great. I will go back October 22nd. If you look at the (oops) upper right side of this picture you will see two plus signs. In between those are a blob, that is the baby! Baby Due Date is April 22nd


Colleen said...

How cute!! Thanks for sharing this picture with us. Hope you feel better - I used to live on eggs, nuts, and gatorade. Oh, the good old days ;)